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IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 29, 2022
Written by Arindam

Question Answer GM. Metallica please! GM Lyall! Ha! We haven’t played all of the wait-room music pieces available to us… Good Morning and Happy Friday! I have bitten by the month end bug before where the market looked good, I went in strong and then got pounded at the end of the day. Is there a risk that month end is influencing some of the market up tick right
now? Happy Friday! Generally, you’re right, in short-term rallies within a bear market, that profit-taking appears to happen at the month end. It looks like that happened exactly on March 31 this year. Ditto on April 29. But if this new uptrend
gains further strength, the end-of-month profit taking by hedge funds and other faster-moving players might not hit stocks as hard, since demand should be bigger. Good morning everyone!! and a very Happy Friday! Morning Brian. TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! Can TSLA continue its upward momentum as its 200-day is within a stone’s throw? We shall see! A good Nasdaq leader to watch. Good Mooorning IBD Live and great to see you Matt! I’m liking those Blue Jays right now, buddy! I really appreciate your tweets too and thank you for your contributions to us traders. Well said Shane! We are very glad he’s back. What is a good buy point for $siga Hi Melinda! From the IBD chart-reading perspective, SIGA is already well extended. We would not chase. An initial breakout occurred on July 13, as the stock moved past 14.90, but it shook out investors as it fell all the way to the 50-day
moving avg seven sessions later. The “re-breakout” has worked as SIGA moved past 14.90 again and essentially it’s a breakout past 15, a round number. The general rule is to buy no more than 5% above a breakout point. Hope this Investor’s
Corner is helpful too. Dave — CARUSO!!!!!!!!! Always a great guest! This ongoing Zoom issue of comments from others not showing up must be so frustrating for you guys. I’d like to suggest a workaround solution, since I’ve been able to fix that problem whenever it recurs. Here’s how: Your slightly older version
of Zoom does indeed fix the problem, so I keep my download of that .pkg installation file always on the desktop of my Mac. I’m finding that whenever I click on the link to open Zoom each morning, that sometimes Zoom automatically updates
my computer’s Zoom application file even though I’ve set my preferences not to do so. My workaround is that anytime I fail to see comments from others, I sign out of the Live session, reinstall the older .pkg file, then close Zoom again,
and once again click on your link to open Live. Problem resolved, and it works every time! Thank you for sharing! Welcome back Matt! Always a great guest. Morning y’all! Would love to see IBD’s take on crazy crazy SIGA, which is currently going bananas. Thanks! Morning Lee! While the profit picture is lumpy in Siga, there sure is excitement among traders. The Q4 revenue jump of 206% to $115.4 mil is exciting. Would like to know more what Siga is working on. But for now it’s well extended past recent
entries, initially a five-month cup at 9.33, during rebounds off the 10-week MA, and another narrow cup at 14.90. Hope these Investor’s Corners can help, too. Dave —
+ The Closed Caption button disappeared. Can yu put it back, please? Yes we will have it back next week! Thoughts please about CLR and CASY CLR trying to form right side of cup base. Volume has totally dried up. Not ready yet. Looks like trendline entry yesterday for CASY. Good Morning – Ali, Ed, Justin and Matthew. Ali always love your upbeat entusiastic personality. Ed love your anaolgies, and Justin your grounded and historic knowledge and Matt thanks for sharing all your experiences. Well said! Couldn’t agree more. $RBLX on the daily, seems to be tightening up on low volume, forming a nice base to BO of… would you start a position here? Seems like RBLX is trying to bottom out. The move from 21 to 44 is impressive. The recent tight action lately is encouraging, making 44.60 an aggressive entry. Earnings in 11 days. Justin, what do look for on in building a list, volume trends or price action to swing trade? I think the monthly SwingTrader Scorecard webinars would be valuable to answer those good Qs. Cheers, Dave — I took a poll and amazing how many people I know drink Celsius! Also taste great! Agree Matt😊 Nice to hear Hieu! Ali, what happened to that Transcript button that was there yesterday. I found it helpful. I was able to go back and read some stuff that I missed. Great to hear Victor! lnth I have 15% profit should I sell hold? I am hearing take short positions not long now We have a good enough profit cushion on Leaderboard to hold our 1/4 position through earnings. If it’s a bigger position for you, taking partial profits is fine ahead of the report. AAPL should we wait for it to take out the 200 day line? Doing it today, but it’s run up a lot without much consolidation. Hard to see a new entry here unless it can trade sideways and hold gains for a week or two. fyi..latest zoom update gives zero q&a… I’m so sorry about that. We’re pressing them for a fix! GM from Cape Cod Morning Phil. oils are moving up busy week of oil earnings next week (OXY, DVN, FANG, EOG, MRO) INTC – now we now why Gelsinger was pushing so hard for Gov’t money. LOL He seems to be on CNBC on lot. Lots of execution problems at INTC. Zoom updated automatically this morning and now can’t see any questions. I’m so sorry about that. We’re pressing them for a fix! Could Matt please share which ETF’s he is in? Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. live answered Matt’s take on semiconductors? Which set ups he likes? live answered PWR pullback, buyable? Still above the buy point but volume heavy in the early going. I’d watch and see how trading plays out. Check back midday or later. Volume will probably cool off. Would be good to see buyers push stock off lows. Is SEDG too extended now? Yes it is. Tight sideways trading from here could give alternate entry, though. Please restate the old zoom address. This is the second day, I can no longer see [email protected] Hi! Windows EXE 64-bit: Mac: PKG: Is AMZN a buy now? I’m not averse to buy gaps up like this, but in AMZN’s case, I’d like to see how it digests today’s gain. Tight, sideways action would be ideal. Matt says he doesn’t like to buy breakouts, but I assume the earnings gap-up buy on ENPH was what he would call an allowable exception. Can you ask him please? live answered FNKO worth a shot on the pullback if you missed it yesterday, with a small position, like 2-3%? I realize earnings are happening next week. I like today’s price action so far, but it would be an aggressive buy with earnings so close. TAN has a decending 200 day? Thoughts Breakout from classic bottoming base trumps that IMO KRUS has RS 99; increasing fund ownership; low float; 8 of 10 weeks of accumulation; Low volume; possible HTF. Can you take a look? live answered Matt Caruso is always very insightful! Thank you. live answered Maybe Ali should run a poll of how many of us are willing to switch from Zoom… So sorry Nancy. Thank you for your patience. We are just as frustrated as you! 🙁 In case you want to try an older download — Windows EXE 64-bit: Mac: PKG: Are we in a POWER TREND (Market School) on the Nasdaq ? Thnx Not yet. The 21-day is above the 50-day but we have to have the index trend above the 21-day for at least 10 days. IRA _ I do exactly the same you do. The auto install from Zoom is frustrating but its nece to have a workaround. Thanks AC! DK Thanks for weighing in, Donald! Justin always mentions mental capital and I think I depleted mine. Down 7% in the last 18 months. So many small losses, a few winners but never a big enough position to make a difference. I have 3 small positions now and up 18+% on one but
not moving the needle. Learning to add to a winning position is something that I still struggle with…PRVA is my biggest winner but it’s my smallest position b/c I took profits on the way up. The 5 minute chart worked well on ENPH. Great tool. Nice. Here’s an Investor’s Corner for our audience to check out too to find our more — Thoughts on SIGA Pls see two answers on this one in the QA. BROS expanding? Very much so….still early in expansion. Love to hear Matt continues to re-read How To Make Money in Stocks. That’s what makes it a great book! GM! VRTX has been rolling over and although it hasn’t done anything “wrong” I’m down 3.5% on my position with earnings next week. With little chance that it will build a cushion before Aug. 4, should I sell now and reinvest in something more
promising?? yes disappointing action ahead of earnings. Our Leaderboard entry was 283.90. Watching for a bounce off 50-day line ahead of results. We usually like to have a minimum 5% profit cushion to hold through earnings. Hit up, Fahmy Matt. He pounds that stuff! Haha. He is a fan. But Matt, what about CELH’s P/E of 671 (37.3 X SP)? Doesn’t that give you pause? And then there are the completely unconfirmed, wishful meme-rumors that vaulted CELH higher since June 23rd, suggesting that MAYBE CELH would be an ideal Pepsi
acquisition target. Wouldn’t the very clever people at Pepsi see through paying such an inflated price, while they can/do easily produce copycat caffeine-delivering soft drinks themselves?! I look at CELH’s weekly and see the right shoulder
of a head and shoulder top in the making, funded by late-to-the-party, retail FOMO, in an undiversified beverage company with a single product line (unlike Pepsi or Coke), and am looking to short upon any confirmed, heavy-volume trend-reversal.
Am I crazy or what? Huge annual earnings estimates. Pricey stock, yes, but there is a pretty compelling growth story here. Fund ownership has more than doubled over past 2 years. I don’t own it. Great having Matt on, always great insight shared TY Awesome Costco selling Celsius Great distribution channel! College students like it Feels like the marketing targets college students and young adults. a girl at my work drinks celh she pays 14 for a 10 pack Sounds competitively priced. How can we contact Matt Caruso? Matt Caruso is one of my favorite guests. He has such conviction in the market for certain sectors that reflect his analytical talents. He digs in and knows more details of his stock choices than most. Great insights. Thank you, Matt, for
being a guest on this show. Totally agree. He’s a real pro. CELH ROE? Hi Robert, the ROE is certainly weak. In MS, it reflects a big drop in earnings to 5 cents a share in 2021. That figure is annual. You could see what ROE looks like on a quarterly basis too. Use filings or pick quarterly ROE on MS. How you objectively evaluate those fads? We have a lot of bias which may be wrong Agree! This is where I feel charts can give us an edge.

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