I used an air fryer to make poppadoms, and it was… interesting-Newshubweek

Air frying poppadoms
Written by Arindam

The best air fryers (opens in new tab) are all the rage right now, and once you’ve invested in a model, next comes plenty of experimentation, trying to cook different foods. Last Saturday, we made a vegetable curry, and as is usual, we wanted to accompany it with poppadoms and / or a naan because, well, it wouldn’t be a curry without those classic Indian side dishes, would it?

Keen to try out the air fryer and have some fun with it, we thought we’d air-fry some poppadoms. Rather than purchase the ones that are ready to eat, straight from the bag, we opted for raw poppadoms that need cooking. The “usual” way to cook such poppadoms is to pop them in the microwave for one minute; but clearly, we wanted a challenge before sitting down to tuck in to our Saturday night curry.

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