I tried Victrola’s new Sonos-compatible turntable and it’s so easy to play vinyl now-Newshubweek

Victrola Stream Carbon and vinyl, on a beige coffee table
Written by Arindam

Want to get into vinyl and buy that top turntable, but don’t have the necessary passive speakers, cartridge knowledge, pre-amp and power amp plus all of the cabling (and potentially a phono stage) ready to go at home?

It’s OK. How about a deck that’ll come with everything you need to hook up wirelessly to your existing Sonos system and play warm, smooth analog records anywhere you’ve got a Sonos speaker? That is what we have here, and it’s a gorgeous little Victrola. The keen eyed will note that we covered the official launch of the Victrola Stream Carbon, Victrola’s wi-fi ready turntable, in the US.

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