I tested Photoshop’s new AI tool for fixing old photos – and it’s seriously impressive-Newshubweek

A laptop screen showing a Photoshop menu
Written by Arindam

Photoshop has been pushed out of the limelight by text-to-image wizards like Dall-E in recent months. But it also has some clever AI tricks of its own – including a new ‘Photo Restoration’ tool that can fix your old photos, and even colorize them, with one click.

The so-called ‘neural filter’ (Adobe’s name for its AI-powered tools) has been in Photoshop’s beta version since June, but recently migrated to the full desktop version of the app. 

A laptop screen showing a Photoshop menu

(Image credit: Adobe)

‘Photo Restoration’ offers to restore aged, torn and faded photos back to their former glory. Of course, this was possible in the past, but involved either cheap and cheerful apps (which served up equivalent results), or intimate knowledge of the clone stamp and channel separator in Photoshop.

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