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How To Control Diabetes Vegetable For Blood Sugar Control
Written by Arindam

Vegetable For Diabetics: Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled to a great extent by diet. You should consume such fruits and vegetables in the diet, which keeps blood sugar under control. Today we are telling you such vegetables which a diabetic patient should eat in summer. In summer, many vegetables like lady’s finger, jackfruit and bitter gourd come which are beneficial for the diabetic patient. You must eat them. Let us know which are the vegetables that control diabetes.

vegetables for diabetic patients

1- Bitter gourd- Bitter gourd which tastes bitter in food is very beneficial. You must eat bitter gourd in summer. Many such nutrients are present in bitter gourd, which not only cures diabetes but also removes many other diseases. Whether you like bitter gourd or not, but to control diabetes, you should definitely consume bitter gourd.

2- Bhindi- Bhindi is a very beneficial vegetable for diabetic patients. Blood sugar level is controlled by eating okra. People suffering from diabetes are often advised to consume such vegetables, in which the amount of glycemic index is low and in such a situation, only 20% glycemic index is found in okra. Therefore it is beneficial for the body. You must eat bhindi in summer.

3- Jackfruit- People also like to eat jackfruit vegetable in summer. The diabetic patient should especially eat jackfruit vegetables. With this, high blood sugar can be controlled. Actually the fiber present in jackfruit slows down the release of glucose and insulin in the body and helps in controlling appetite. In this way, the sugar level remains under control and a person suffering from diabetes does not have much trouble.

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