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How to choose a virtually theft-proof bike lock: Pictured here, someone trying to cut a bike lock with a hand tool
Written by Arindam

The cycling scene is ever-changing, with more innovation entering the market every year. One thing is constant, though: thieves taking bikes that aren’t theirs, souring the biking experience for everyone else. If you’re concerned about your new bike getting nicked – and based on data from all major metropolitan areas, you should be – we recommend investing in the best bike locks, and not just one, but at least two, to make sure your bike stays where you left it.

Bike theft is the worst. In 2020-21, over 77,000 bikes were stolen in the UK (opens in new tab), and that was peak lockdown when people didn’t even have to commute to work, leaving their bikes vulnerable, chained up outside train stations and office buildings. 

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