How does a person get monkeypox, Can monkeypox be cured, Does monkey pox still exist:

How does a person get monkeypox, Can monkeypox be cured, Does monkey pox still exist:
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How does a person get monkeypox, Can monkeypox be cured, Does monkey pox still exist:

London: After the corona epidemic in Britain, now monkeypox has spread panic among the people. British health officials have reported that two people in London have been diagnosed with the monkeypox virus. Britain’s health protection agency UKHSA only last week confirmed a case of infection in a house in southern England. Those found infected had recently traveled to Nigeria. In such a situation, it is believed that these people must have come in the grip of infection there. The disease is transmitted to humans by infected organisms such as rats or monkeys. Monkeypox is a rare infection that does not spread easily between people. Despite this, fear remains in the minds of people in Britain, which has lost millions of people to the corona virus.

What did Britain’s top health official say?
New cases of infection have been found in this house, but they are not related to the previous cases. From where the infection happened to both the new people, it is being investigated. Dr Colin Brown, UKHSA’s Director of Clinical and Emerging Infections, said: “We have confirmed two new cases of monkeypox in the UK that are not related to the case announced on 7 May. While investigations are underway to trace the source of the infection, it is important to emphasize that it does not spread easily between people, he said. To become infected, a person must have had close personal contact with a person with infected symptoms. The overall risk to the general public is very low.

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What is monkeypox?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox was first reported in humans in the 1970s. Since then, the presence of this virus has been confirmed in 11 countries of Africa. The earliest cases of monkeypox were reported in 1958. When this disease spread in monkeys kept for research. The first case of monkeypox in humans was reported in 1970 in Congo (Africa).

What is the risk of contracting monkeypox?
People who have come in contact with a person infected with monkeypox can also be at risk of infection. Officials are investigating in this regard. According to health experts, the rare monkeypox virus belongs to the chickenpox virus family. Its infection can also be very serious. This infection can be identified on the basis of large grains on the body of the infected person.

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What are the symptoms of monkeypox?
According to the WHO, it can take 6 to 13 days for symptoms to appear after a monkeyvirus infection. Those infected may feel severe weakness with fever, severe headache, pain in the back and muscles. The most common symptom is the swelling of the lymph nodes. A sick person may have large pimples on his face and hands and feet. These rashes can also affect the cornea of ​​the eye if the infection is severe.

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What is the treatment for monkeypox?
According to the WHO, there is currently no cure for monkeypox. Smallpox vaccines (made from the vaccine virus) are known to be protective against monkeypox. In such a situation, its prevention is the best treatment. Experts say that people should not allow dirt to spread in their homes. Keep out of reach and feces, especially of rats and monkeys.

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