Health Tips Know What Is Best Dairy Product For Weight Loss Curd Or Milk

Health Tips Know What Is Best Dairy Product For Weight Loss Curd Or Milk
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Health Tips: If you are also working hard to lose weight, then this news is for you. Yes, many things have to be taken care of while losing weight. Your lifestyle, daily routine and most importantly what you are taking in your diet. Let’s take care of this too but you are still confused whether it will be right to consume curd or milk while losing weight. So today we will tell you which one would be better to consume while losing weight out of milk or curd.

Some people believe that yogurt is good for digestion and is rich in probiotics. Therefore it should be eaten daily. While some people say that milk contains calcium, so it should be drunk daily. But if someone likes both, do not panic, we will tell you what you should do.

Know about curd
The bacteria present in curd is good for our digestive system. Therefore, when you have an upset stomach, you are always advised to eat curd. At the same time, milk actually contains lactose which is not good for the system.

These days, intestinal problems have become common due to eating processed food. Therefore, it is advised to consume curd with vegetables like spinach, it is good for the stomach.

Unlike milk, yogurt contains probiotics which are essential for your digestive system and yogurt is the cheapest and easiest form of probiotics.

Perfect for lactose intolerant people
At the same time, the amount of lactose in cow’s milk is high. When it comes to curd, it can be substituted with many options. If you want, you can eat soy curd, Greek yogurt or almond curd. Because it is a source of protein for all lactose intolerant people.

At the same time, if you want more amount of calcium, then you can choose milk.

Can’t consume milk with everyone
Milk cannot be taken with many fruits. Never consume papaya with milk, it is not good for your stomach. Milk is complete in itself, do not take anything else with it. At the same time, curd can be mixed with fruits and vegetables.

Disclaimer: Take the method, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as a suggestion, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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