Have you seen a star 32 times bigger and 2 lakh times brighter than our Sun?

Have you seen a star 32 times bigger and 2 lakh times brighter than our Sun?
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We can see millions of stars in the clear night sky. These stars, located hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the Earth, look like small twinkles. But the star of our existence is the Sun. Many planets including Earth revolve around it. Can you think of a star that is 200,000 times brighter than our Sun and 32 times more massive? Recently, the US space agency NASA has shared an image. It shows what the world around the star would look like. The image depicts the landscape of the universe, which appears calm, but in reality it is not.

This star named Herschel 36 is in the center of the ‘Lagoon Nebula’. It is located about 4,000 light years away. It is full of turbulent gases, strong radiation, including powerful ultraviolet rays. These interactions create an imaginary landscape of mountains of gas and dust in the ‘Lagoon Nebula’.

NASA has told that this huge star is still young. It is only about 1 million years old and is releasing its own natural cocoons of gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen. NASA has shown these gases as red (hydrogen) and green (nitrogen) in the image. According to the space agency, Herschel 36 is still young and will live for the next five million years. In comparison, our Sun is 5 billion years old and will live for 5 billion years now.

The special thing is that the image was captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope. This telescope is a joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) and has been showing us interesting views of the universe for the last 30 years.

Recently, it shared the image of a spiral galaxy named Caldwell 5. This galaxy is located about 11 million light years away from us. At its center is an active star nursery, which can produce thousands of stars in a few million years. The Caldwell 5 Galaxy is pretty shiny though. But it is covered with the gas of the universe, dark dust and bright stars. According to scientists, it would have been one of the brightest galaxies in our sky, if it had not been covered by so many shells. It is claimed that the existence of this galaxy is billions of years old.

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