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Harmful Cookwear And Kitchen Items Aluminum, Plastic Foil Paper And Other Utensils Side Effects
Written by Arindam

Harmful Kitchen Items: Nowadays people have become very alert about fitness and fitness starts from our kitchen. Healthy food is very important in our stay healthy. If you do healthy cooking in the kitchen, then it keeps your health good, but nowadays there are many such things in the kitchen which are the root of diseases.

Plastic, aluminum, refined oil and many types of utensils in the kitchen in which food is cooked are the biggest causes of diseases. There are many such metals in which cooking not only destroys their nutrients, but also causes many types of damage to the body. Today we are telling you 10 such things that you should throw away from your kitchen immediately. You should immediately throw them out of the kitchen.

  • aluminum utensils- Aluminum pan or cooker is used in most of the homes, but do you know that it has a very bad effect on your brain. The aluminum metal wears out slowly, which reaches the body and damages the brain. This increases the risk of dementia dementia.
  • plastic boxes- You will find a plethora of plastic boxes in everyone’s kitchen. But do you know that packing or making food in plastic utensils causes damage to the body. Plastic melts in food which is dangerous for the body.
  • Non stick utensils- You should throw out non stick utensils from the kitchen. It has a coating of Teflon which slowly gets into the food and makes you sick.
  • refined oil- Nowadays people use refined oil a lot, but it is very dangerous. Due to this there is a problem of heart, cholesterol and fatty liver. Refined oil is made by heating it on high heat and a chemical called hexinoil is added to it, which increases the pain in the joints. Remove refined oil immediately.
  • plastic bottle- Nowadays people drink water in plastic bottles in everyone’s homes, but these plastic bottles do a lot of damage. Use a steel or glass bottle instead.
  • foil paper- The foil paper used to pack hot food is also very dangerous for health. The heat starts melting the foil paper. In such a situation, it is found in food and is injurious to health. Use water paper or cloth instead.
  • Fine flour- Nowadays, flour is used a lot in food, but let us tell you that flour increases obesity, PCOD, cholesterol and liver problems. Stop eating flour immediately.
  • Sugar- Sugar starts with morning tea, but sugar is the root of diseases. You should eat little or no sugar. Instead, use things with properties, honey or natural sweeteners.
  • ice- In summer, people use snow a lot, but it is injurious to health. This causes gas, burning in the stomach and damage to the heart. use pitcher water instead
  • Brass- You should avoid cooking food in brass utensils, but do you know that brass utensils react with salt and acid foods at high temperature. Therefore, cooking food in brass utensils should be avoided. You should never keep sour things in brass utensils or cook them in it. This can harm your health.

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