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Grab these Bose Sport wireless earbuds for 149 in this


The summer is still here with us and, as long as it’s not too sweltering, you’re probably out and about more than usual. Chances are you may even be out running regularly for exercise.

Runners in the know will tell you it’s more fun to run with wireless earbuds, especially when they’re ones designed specifically for vigorous exercise like Bose’s Sport earbuds. Curious about the Bose Sport? Well, Amazon currently has them on sale for just $149, or $30 off their regular price. For real, that’s a deal worth running at.

The Sport earbuds are both weather and sweat resistant, with an IPX4 rating. That means they’re built to withstand the rigors of an intense run, even one out in the summer sun. Also important is the 3 different sizes of StayHear Max tips that Bose packages with the Sport. This lets you select the one that’s the best fit for your ears, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out on your trek.

Even if you’re not on the run, but just out and about, the Sport’s beamforming microphone array will elevate your voice in noisy environments so callers can hear you better. And the capacitive touch controls on the buds’ surface let you swipe to adjust volume, tap to control music playback, and more.

The Bose Music app, meanwhile, will let you do things like perform initial setup and pairing, customize the on-bud controls, and check battery life status. Battery life is up to 5 hours per charge, and the Sport also comes with a charging case that gives you up to 2 more hours with a 15-minute on the go charge.

There are plenty of wireless earbuds, but good ones that can be used for running are hard to come by. At $149, the Bose Sport is certainly a deal to consider, especially if you want the assurance of buying a well-known headphones brand.

The Bose Sport deal applies to the Baltic Blue, Triple Black, and Glacier White options, so there are multiple colors to choose from.

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