Govt To Meet Today To Ola Uber Aggregators Amid Rise In Consumer Complaints

Govt To Meet Today To Ola Uber Aggregators Amid Rise In Consumer Complaints
Written by Arindam
Govt To Meet Today To Ola Uber Aggregators Amid Rise In Consumer Complaints

Ola Uber: Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said that the government has called a meeting of cab aggregators. In this meeting, discussions will be held with the cab aggregators regarding the fare policies, high fares, cancellation and security of customer data and charging different fares from two people for the same place etc.

troubles everywhere

Ola and Uber companies are providing their services in almost every state of the country, but in the last few days, many customers who have taken the service of app-based taxi service providers have spoken of problems regarding its service.

Taking a tough stand regarding this, the government has decided to rein in the arbitrariness of these companies. In this sequence, the government has summoned the officials of cab aggregators like Ola Uber, Meru, Rapido etc. on Tuesday i.e. 10th May.

There are frequent complaints from customers on social media from all over the country that these companies keep the rules in check. In fact, whenever the drivers of Ola or Uber refuse to go to the designated place, they force the customer to cancel the booking as well as pay the fine.

Government sought information

Rohit Singh has said in a program that we have asked Ola and Uber for information about all the cases. Along with this, these cab companies have also been asked why different fares are charged from passengers for going to the same place. The ministry will also seek information from these companies about the steps taken to keep the data of customers safe.

list of complaints

Last week, Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare had said that customers are unhappy with cab service companies like Uber and Ola. These mainly include cases like increasing the fare and canceling the booking. In many cases, it has been seen that these companies charge less fare from new customers, while there have also been reports of charging more rent from old customers.

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