Goa has max vehicle density in India; accidents and road congestion on its peak: Survey | Auto News

Goa has max vehicle density in India; accidents and road congestion on its peak: Survey | Auto News
Written by Arindam

With no Ola and Uber cab services in Goa, the number of cars owned by Goan households is the most as compared to the rest of the country, a survey reveals. As per the National Family Health Survey, 7.5 percent of all Indian households own a four-wheeler, whereas, 49.7 percent of Indian families own a two-wheeler. The survey states that 45.2 percent of Goan households own a car while 86.7 percent of households have a two-wheeler. Kerala stands second, with 24.2 percent four-wheelers, and Punjab with second-highest two-wheelers at 75.6 percent. The all-India value increased from 6 percent in 2018 to 7.5 percent for four-wheelers. The two-wheeler percentage increased from 37.7 percent in 2018 to 49.7 percent.

With Goa having the maximum number of vehicles, the state is experiencing parking and road space issues. As a result, the transport authorities have decided to cut down on the registration of new cars. Mauvin Godinho, Goa’s Transport Minister said that they are planning on reducing the number of registrations of new cars in Goa, reports Cartoq. Goa’s road infrastructure is facing ever-increasing congestion, hence reducing the number of registrations may work as a solution. 

“All the ministers met yesterday and a suggestion of not giving permits to more cars was given. As there are too many cars on the road, there is no parking space left. They come and park in anybody’s neighbourhood, blocking people from coming out of their house,” Godinho said. 

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“You see what is happening in and around the airport. They park all over, near the Joggers park, they can’t come out of their houses. This situation cannot be allowed beyond a certain point. I will be reviewing the whole thing,” the minister further said, reports Cartoq. 

As per the Goa government’s Economic Survey report for 2021-22, the state has a population of around 16 lakh with 15.27 lakh registered vehicles. On average around 57,000 vehicles are registered by state transport authorities every year. Most of these vehicles are two-wheelers at around 70.81 percent. The Jeeps, cars, and taxis account for 22.77 percent. Due to the increase in vehicles, parking space is also decreasing, leading to more traffic on roads. With rental cars and two-wheelers, road accidents have also increased in Goa. 

The minister said, “Two-wheelers are another big problem. Rent-a(bike) is a major issue which is developing because they were just given without application of mind. I want to inform you that in the last eight months I have not cleared a single new licence and I am not going to clear. The tourists use these bikes, they do not know the roads. The person riding the pillion guides the driver using GPS and there are accidents. There have been maximum fatalities. Do we want to call tourists and kill them on the roads with no steps being taken,” reports Cartoq.

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