Former NASA scientist claims – humans will get aliens in the next few years

Former NASA scientist claims – humans will get aliens in the next few years
Written by Arindam
Former NASA scientist claims – humans will get aliens in the next few years

Does life exist outside Earth as well? This question has remained before us for years. With this, another question comes to the fore, are there aliens? If so, where do they exist and since when? Scientists are trying to find answers to these questions. However, till now no solid facts have come in front of him. There is no shortage of people in the world who believe that there is life outside the earth and that aliens exist. Among those who believe so is a former chief scientist of NASA. In a TV interview in the past, he said that in the next few years humans will meet aliens.

In a conversation with the BBC, Jim Green explained that after expressing the belief that life exists outside the Earth, man is really close to a surprising discovery. Jim, who has worked in the US space agency for nearly 40 years, said he hopes to discover aliens in his lifetime. Jim said that we are moving very fast. We now know that there are more stars in our galaxy than there are planets.

He said that many of them are in places like Earth, where sunlight reaches and water can be present. This water can be not only in the form of liquid but also in the form of ice and vapour. These are the conditions that we consider important for life. Scientists are searching for planets that have such conditions and where life can exist.

In December last year, NASA launched the James Webb Telescope into space. With its help, scientists will be able to explore those planets and stars, about which not much is known so far. Jim said that with the largest and most expensive telescope ever sent into space, we are going to begin to find out how many unknown planets appear from their atmospheres.

Jim said that in the coming years we will know whether those planets are like Venus, like Mars or like our Earth. He called it a big step and said that in the next few years we will know everything about our universe which is not known till now. The former chief scientist of NASA has also predicted that the US space agency may soon answer two questions about whether we are alone in this universe and how did we get here.

Claims about aliens and UFOs are nothing new. Common people have also been witnessing this. There have been many such cases in which people have claimed to have seen aliens. However, space agencies have refrained from speaking about it firmly. The question is whether she is hiding something or has come very close to some discovery.

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