Follow These Tips And Tricks For Perfect Makeup

Follow These Tips And Tricks For Perfect Makeup
Written by Arindam
Follow These Tips And Tricks For Perfect Makeup

Make-up Tips: Makeup is an art that not everyone can master. Incorrectly done makeup spoils the beauty of the face instead of enhancing it, due to which the perfect look is not available, but if you know the basics of makeup well, then you can enhance the beauty of the face in a short time. Here we are telling you some such steps of makeup, by following which you can do perfect makeup.

  • Your skin can become healthy only with a good skin care routine. Moisturize your face immediately after cleansing so that you can rehydrate your skin.
  • Use a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out the skin and reduce its softness, so be careful with SD alcohol, denatate alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. There are also some alcohols, which are made from fats and they also moisturize our skin and protect it from bacteria.
  • Apply matte primer on the face. It might sound strange to you, but matte primer controls such oils from the skin, which does not make the face look greasy. Let the primer set for a minute and then you can apply foundation.
  • With the help of a beauty blender or sponge, apply a shiny foundation on your face. Most all foundations are light coverage, but if you want something that has heavy coverage, then you can use a concealer or apply a layer of moisture foundation over full coverage matte foundation. Makeup expert Savita of Glam Studio says that make-up does not mean that you apply more and more layers but with a good look. Foundation Opt for it, and this is possible only if you have smooth skin.
  • For the perfect moisturised look, your blush should be the same color as your cheeks after exercising. Creamy blushes are great for exfoliating the skin but are a bit difficult to work with. You can also use powder. Just keep in mind that you start applying the color on the underside of the cheeks and gradually apply the color on the cheeks by deepening and blending it well.
  • Using a tapered or fan brush, apply highlighter on the cheekbones, cupid bow, eyebrow bone and inner eye corner. The shimmer of the highlighter will pick up the color of the high points on the face and make it shiny.
  • Lip balm is great for making lips soft and supple and it also complements your moist look. But if you are using any lip color or eyeshadow, then you should keep in mind that the lighter colors you use, the more your face will look brighter.
  • Use a dew setting spray for a perfect finishing look on your face. with this spray Makeup It will be completely set and your face will also be moisturized throughout the day.
  • If at the end of the day oil comes on your face, then it is not necessary that you matte your face with powder. You can remove the oil with the help of blotting paper.

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