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Final Fantasy 14 Nightclub
Written by Arindam

Come nightfall in Final Fantasy 14’s housing districts, everything changes. Idyllic residential areas become filled with bright lights and thumping music. Dancers, bards, and DJs ply their trade and bring partygoers from across Eorzea to their elaborate and extravagant venues.  

Enterprising party animals have been busy converting player housing into happening clubs in one of the most fascinating and strangely wholesome trends to come out of one of the best MMO games. What’s even more curious is that, despite some parts of the world slowly opening up again after Covid lockdowns, this unlikely scene has been going from strength to strength.

Nights to remember

A Final Fantasy 14 party with frozen decor

Ice, Ice, Baby (Image credit: FXIV Venues)

Anwyth Stormweaver, one of the top brass of the Crimson Hearts Free Company (Free Companies are Final Fantasy 14’s equivalent of Guilds), unexpectedly found herself in a nightclub one evening. 

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