Fashion And Dressing Tips How Can I Dress To Look Slimmer Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

Fashion And Dressing Tips How Can I Dress To Look Slimmer Clothes That Make You Look Thinner
Written by Arindam

Clothes That Make You Look Fat: Every woman wants to look slim trim in some way. Your dressing matters a lot to look slim. Choosing the wrong clothes can make you look slim and fat. Many women focus only on color or style while buying clothes. In such a situation, it is not necessary that the dress that you have liked should look good on you too. Sometimes you are fit but still you look fat in some clothes. There are many reasons behind this. There are a few things you should keep in mind while buying and carrying clothes. Today we are giving you some fashion and style tips, which will make you look slim and slim.

1- Choose the right print like this- While buying clothes, you should choose the right print. Some women buy clothes in check or horizontal line prints. You will look fat in this. You should opt for small print and vertical line prints. In this your look will be slim.

2- Choose fit outfits not over size- If you are overweight and your height is low, then you should wear fit clothes. You will look fat in loose clothes. If still you want to wear loose clothes then choose dark color only.

3- Choose the right accessories like this- You should also choose the right accessories along with the outfit. If you are fat then use a thick belt instead of a thin belt. This helps in hiding belly fat.

4- You will look thin in such a top- If you want a slim look, then instead of choosing top according to style and trend, choose top according to your figure. You should avoid carrying oversized sleeves, girdled tops, balloon tops and kaftan tops. Instead, wear straight sleeves with fine prints and tops with threefourth sleeves. You choose slim looking tops of dark color.

5- Jeans for slim look- You should also choose jeans wisely. If you wear more skinny jeans, then it shows the tires. If you wear high waist and loose jeans then it looks fat. You should wear pencil fit jeans for a slim look.

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