Every Andrew Garfield Performance, Ranked

Every Andrew Garfield Performance, Ranked
Written by Arindam
Every Andrew Garfield Performance, Ranked

Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home 

Do I even have to persuade you to watch this absolute gem of a movie? I don’t think I’ve read a single word of criticism regarding Tom Holland and — big spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t been online since December — Andrew Garfield’s third Spider-Man film. I did, however, read about the fake butt rumors. And after having had the pleasure of watching Andrew flash ass on-screen seemingly every time the opportunity presented itself, I’d argue that while the actor does boast a speculation-worthy backside, I believe him when he declared himself on Late Night with Seth Meyers to be “unmodified.” Nice try to disparage your competition though, Tom…

In what may be the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time, Tom’s Peter Parker has a freak out after his identity is exposed to the world, and so, with the disgruntled help of Doctor Strange, he casts a spell to make everyone forget his secret identity. Of course, this plan goes awry when the spell basically sends out a spidey signal to anyone from other universes — yeah, we’re talking multiverse now, people, keep up — who knows who Spider-Man is. This results in the return of plenty of my personal favorite villains from childhood including Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe’s perpetually haunting Green Goblin. The spell also gives us the gift of seeing all three Spider-Mans together at last. I didn’t know I needed to see Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire bro out in their spidey-suits, but it turns out I really did! 

Part of what makes Spider-Man: No Way Home so compelling (despite being a Marvel movie) is that it feels like a shot at redemption for Garfield, who had his time as Spider-Man cut criminally short. He pokes fun at himself, he makes cracks about being too old for his superhero duties, he has chemistry with Zendaya that should make little Tommy a tad nervous (is that why you had to spread such disparaging ASSumptions, Tom?). He’s everything I loved him for as Peter Parker, plus more, because it feels like being one of three versions of the same superhero really freed him up to put his own spin on the character. Also Andrew cracks Tobey’s back onscreen, for that alone, you should watch this one. — Danica Creahan

Rent it on Prime Video. 

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