Eat Soaked Dryfruits In Summer Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits Almond Raisins Walnut Fig

Eat Soaked Dryfruits In Summer Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits Almond Raisins Walnut Fig
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Eat Soaked Dryfruits In Summer Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits Almond Raisins Walnut Fig

Dryfruits Benefits: Be it summer or winter, dry fruits are beneficial for health in every season. Dry fruits are essential for our fitness. Nuts must be included in your daily diet. Although many people avoid eating nuts in summer. They think that dry fruits are hot in effect, so they will do damage in the heat. Let us tell you that in summer you can eat soaked nuts. In summer, by eating soaked nuts on an empty stomach in the morning, you can stay energized throughout the day. Also dryfruits boost your immunity. You can soak these dry fruits daily.

  • Almond- You must eat almonds even in summer. For this, soak almonds in water overnight. In the morning, peel the almonds and eat them mixed with other dry fruits. Almonds are high fat food which is good for your health Almonds contain high levels of monounsaturated fat which reduces the risk of heart attack. Almonds are rich in fiber and vitamin E. It contains rich anti-oxidants which help in weight loss.
  • Walnut- In summer, you can eat soaked walnuts along with almonds. Although walnuts are not so hot, but people who do not eat hot things at all, they can also eat walnuts soaked. Eating walnuts also keeps the weight under control. Walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants and omega-3, which can help protect against problems like damage to cells, heart diseases, cancer, early ageing.
  • Raisin- Eat raisins soaked in heat. This helps in controlling blood pressure. Digestive system becomes strong by eating soaked raisins. Apart from this, raisins also help in increasing immunity. You can also drink raisin water. Bones become strong by eating raisins. By eating soaked raisins, iron deficiency is fulfilled in the body and the problem of anemia goes away.
  • Fig- In summer, you can eat soaked figs. Anjari is very beneficial for our health. By eating figs, the deficiency of zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron in the body is fulfilled. It is rich in antioxidants and fiber. Women must include figs in their diet. Hormonal problems and problems of periods are removed by eating figs. Those who want to lose weight should eat soaked figs. Heart related problems are also removed by eating figs.

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