drunk man punched pilot on flight

drunk man punched pilot on flight
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drunk man punched pilot on flight

Athens : A British passenger on board a Viz Air flight to the Greek island of Crete has been arrested after a major uproar. According to the tourists aboard the flight, the accused assaulted not only the other passengers but also the pilot. The flight started fighting after it landed on the Greek island on Tuesday night. Several men and women were injured in this scuffle. Later, the police took the drunk man into custody.

Witnesses said the passenger and his friend continued to misbehave throughout the flight, DailyMail reported. His anger erupted after people told him that the police would take him into custody at the airport. Tourists said the two were smoking during the entire trip, intimidating fellow passengers and getting drunk before boarding the flight. Both were saying that they have been drinking since 10 in the morning, yet the air hostess continued to give them alcohol.

Pilot also assaulted
People said that the pilot came from his cockpit to bring the situation under control but the passenger started beating him. In the video of the incident, people are seen demanding to take him off the flight while the passenger is waving his hands fast in the air. The flight left Gatwick at 6 pm with two passengers from South London making a ruckus. A third person also joined them, who had alcohol in the flight.

Attacked and abused during the journey
A woman on board the flight with her husband told The Sun that they were making noise and abusing throughout the flight. The air hostess told him that the police would take him out when the flight lands. They got angry on this matter and the person started beating. The woman told that when the pilot came out, the man punched her too. After this some people went out from the last exit while many people missed the flight due to long police interrogation.

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