Do You Also Carry Emotional Baggage,know How To Let It Go

Do You Also Carry Emotional Baggage,know How To Let It Go
Written by Arindam
Do You Also Carry Emotional Baggage,know How To Let It Go

Emotional Baggage: Every person carries ’emotional baggage’ in his life. The only difference is that every person’s problem or problem is different. This baggage resides in our mind when our mind has been deeply hurt by some thing and there is no solution to this sorrow or problem. Unknowingly, we increase our suffering so much that when its fear becomes ’emotional baggage’, we ourselves do not even realize it. Getting rid of it was not that easy. In such a situation it is very important to try to identify what is holding you back? Ask yourself, will you carry this sorrow with you for the rest of your life? Are you ready to lighten your burden or not? If you are ready, then there are some tips for you, so that you can easily step into the new life.

1. First of all try to know what kind of sorrow is in your mind. If once you know that you actually have such baggage inside you, then you will be able to decide well what to do with it.

2. When you start letting sadness out of your mind, write it down somewhere. It will not be easy for you to do all this but still do it. While writing, think that behind every negative situation there is something positive hidden.

3. There is no problem in being sad but to be sad for whole life, it is wrong. Express the feelings of your mind, which you have buried somewhere in your heart. Do not blame yourself for all the circumstances and do not blame it on anyone else.

4. As you move forward in life, you will also meet some people who themselves must be living with some ’emotional baggage’, so do not meet such people. Rather, meet people who are positive about life and can bring you out of this sorrow.

5. Ask yourself whether this is affecting your work or family or not? Do you feel the need to change or not? If the answer is yes, then don’t think about the past or remember it. Think that it is all over and focus on your present.

6. You can only control your thinking and your actions, not that of others. Therefore, choose such situations in your life, in which you do not have to live that sorrow again. Think of any such way by which you can lighten this baggage.

7. Always put yourself in the place of others. Try to understand what must have happened to them and how they must have felt after that. Don’t feel bad about that person. Think that they must have made some mistakes too.

8. Try to find out how much of your fault was in that situation. What could you have done so that that situation never arises or what to do in future so that something like this does not happen again.

9. Whatever is the mistake, forgive the person in front. By doing this you will motivate yourself to move forward and be happy too. If you do not want to talk to that person, then there is no problem in that, just think in your mind that you want to move on.

10. Such problems in which you are not able to emerge or the problems which you are not able to solve by yourself, then consult someone for this. Recognize that you may need the sympathy of someone from outside.

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