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Diet Plan For Healthy Heat How To Reduce Heart Attack Risk
Written by Arindam

Food For Heart: Nowadays problems like heart attack and stroke are increasing a lot. Doctors are telling a big reason for these diseases to our lifestyle. Health-related problems start due to carelessness in eating and drinking. Sometimes it has to face dire consequences. If you eat too much unbalanced food, then cholesterol starts increasing. Due to which serious diseases like heart attack have started happening. Due to the increase in bad cholesterol in the body, many types of damages start happening. This increases heart problems. Know what kind of diet you should take to keep the heart healthy.

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1- Eat citrus fruits- To keep the heart healthy, you should eat citrus fruits rich in fiber. Citrus fruits contain a special soluble fiber called pectin. This lowers cholesterol. Apart from this, avocado, berries and grapes must be eaten in the food. This keeps the heart healthy.

2- Green leafy vegetables- To make the heart healthy and reduce cholesterol, eat green vegetables. You should include vegetables like spinach and greens in the food. They contain lutein and carotenoids, which reduce the risk of heart diseases. Apart from this, tomato and brinjal are also good vegetables for the heart.

3- It is necessary to eat pulses- All pulses are beneficial for health. Lentils have high protein and fiber. Eating pulses regularly in food does not accumulate bad cholesterol, apart from this, pulses are also a good source of vitamin B.

4- Eat bread of this flour- To reduce heart, diabetes and cholesterol, you should eat rotis of barley flour instead of bread made from wheat flour. Apart from this, eat oats. Oats contain a fiber called beta-glucan which dissolves quickly. Cholesterol starts reducing rapidly by eating oats.

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