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Dating Tips: Dating Own Office Colleague?  Take Care Of These Things
Written by Arindam

Dating With Office Collague: No one knows when and with whom to fall in love. Yes, if you are dating your office colleague, then some things must be taken care of. There is nothing wrong in that you are in love with your own office colleague or that you are dating him. But just keep in mind that you have to avoid those mistakes which can cause problems in your personal or professional life.

Do not compromise with privacy
As soon as you start dating your office colleague, it is natural that there will be gossip in the office regarding this. That’s why it is important not to discuss this in the office until you are sure that you love the person in front of you or not. You do not have to let this thing become very obvious in front of the office people, keep it a secret.

Do not share on social media
Avoid sharing any kind of post or picture on social media in the early stages of your relationship. Or do not make any announcement about your relationship on social media. Do not discuss about it until you yourself are sure. By doing this, you will actually come in the eyes of colleagues and they will start noticing you.

always be professional
Never cool in the workplace, your image should remain that of a professional. Keep in mind that professional attitude or decision should not dominate. Yes, after work, both of you take out time for each other. While outside the office, keep in mind that do not discuss the office.

Do not bring personal disputes in the office
Don’t bring personal matters into the office while dating a colleague, both of you will have to explain to each other that there will be a range of things in which we have to live. Do not vent your personal anger in the office in any way in an indirect way. This will make the atmosphere more negative and will not feel like working.

Take support of messages, not e-mails
Never use e-mail to express your love, but send a message to your dating colleague. Anytime in the future, if the relationship of both of you ends, then people can also take action against you by taking recourse to the things done in the e-mail, so avoid it.

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