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A Das Keyboard MacTigr on a glass-top desk
Written by Arindam

Das Keyboard MacTigr: One minute review

The Das Keyboard MacTigr mechanical keyboard is a high performance, full-size keyboard constructed with the Apple user in mind. The MacTigr keyboard features metal construction, low-profile Cherry MX Red switches, and super fast USB-C connectivity. The MacTigr keyboard incorporates keycaps with Apple command designs instead of Windows command designs resulting in a keyboard which integrates incredibly well into the Apple user’s environment.

The chassis features a durable, aluminum unibody which houses the keyboard components as well as a stainless steel cover plate that can easily withstand years of abuse. The low-profile Cherry MX Red switches offer a pleasing, tactile sensation for the user. The keys are rated for 100 million actuations (ahem, keystrokes) which statistically means that you’ll never have to replace this keyboard.

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