Cockroaches were going to be auctioned for Rs 3 crore and the soil came out of their stomach, Nasa stopped the sale, know the reason -Newshubweek

Cockroaches were going to be auctioned for Rs 3 crore and the soil came out of their stomach, Nasa stopped the sale, know the reason
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Last month we told you that an auction house is auctioning the dust/soil of the moon. It was brought to Earth in 1969 by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission. The specialty of the dust/clay was that it was also fed to cockroaches and later removed from their stomachs. The latest information is that the US space agency NASA has asked Boston-based RR Auction to stop this auction i.e. it will no longer be able to auction the dust brought from the moon.

According to a news agency report, a NASA lawyer has said in a letter to the auctioneer that it still belongs to the government. At the same time, it has been said by the RR Auction that the amount of dust brought for the experiment was about 40 mg and the three dead cockroaches were expected to be sold for at least 400000 million dollars (about 3 crore rupees). But now it has been stopped.

Significantly, the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission and the things that came with them like this dust were quarantined for 21 days. Then it was also investigated how the moon’s soil or dust would affect other insects on Earth apart from humans.

In a letter dated June 15 from the US space agency, it has been said that all Apollo samples are from NASA and no person, university or other organization has been allowed to analyze, destroy or sell them. According to reports, it was said from NASA that the bidding process should be stopped immediately. NASA had asked RR Auction to talk to the current owner of this material so that it can be returned to the government.

It is worth noting that under this mission, 21.3 kg of rock from the Moon was brought to Earth. Some of it was fed to insects, fish and other small creatures. Scientists wanted to see what effect the moon’s soil had on the living beings here. Somewhere it does not work as poison for them. The cockroaches that were fed this soil were brought to the University of Minnesota and Marion Brooks studied those cockroaches.

Marion Brooks died in 2007. They did not find any infectious agents in the cockroaches. One thing to remember is that moon rock and cockroaches were never returned to NASA. These were displayed at Brooks’ home. Brooks’ daughter sold him in 2010. Now they were being auctioned by RR Auction.

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