Cheapest Refurbished Phone: Must Check While Buying Refurbished Smartphone

Cheapest Refurbished Phone: Must Check While Buying Refurbished Smartphone
Written by Arindam
Cheapest Refurbished Phone: Must Check While Buying Refurbished Smartphone

New Delhi. The demand for refurbished smartphones is increasing continuously in the market, this is because through this, users are able to make the smartphone of their choice at low prices. Ever since other popular companies including Amazon, Flipkart have come in this market, the demand for refurbished smartphones has increased. The report shows that this growth is due to the increase in the demand for 5G smartphones. 5G smartphones are generally more expensive than 4G phones due to the advanced technology involved. Therefore, buying a refurbished 5G phone is more suitable for low budget users. Change in consumer sentiment has forced companies to increase their list of phones that could be recycled as refurbished. The report also said that users of the secondary market for refurbished phones may be able to buy some smartphones at 60 percent less than their original price. According to a report by Counterpoint Research, the refurbished smartphone market grew by 15 percent in 2021 as compared to 2020. The report shows that this growth is due to the increase in the demand for 5G smartphones. Here we are telling you what things should be kept in mind before buying a refurbished smartphone.

What is a refurbished phone?

Simply put, a refurbished smartphone is clearly a used phone that is returned to the manufacturer. The company then tests these devices and checks both internal and external condition and makes them into new looking devices. The latest report suggested that Apple was the most popular brand in the refurbished market followed by Samsung.

Before buying a refurbished phone, keep these things in mind:

If you are also looking to buy a refurbished phone, then here are some important things to keep in mind.


Like all new models, refurbished phones also come with a certain amount of warranty cover. This is very important as the phone has suffered some kind of damage in the past and if any other problem comes up then the warranty is the only protection.

check network lock

Buyers should check the network lock before buying a refurbished phone. They should clearly ascertain whether they want to buy a refurbished phone with their SIM card. Buyers should check that the phone purchased by them is compatible with the Indian mobile network.

Trusted Source

Whether it is a new phone or a refurbished model, users should always keep in mind that they buy electronic products from popular sellers like Amazon and Flipkart. A refurbished phone comes with all the usual paperwork including purchase bill, warranty. This paperwork helps shoppers to buy stolen or lost phones.

Beware of stolen phone

The refurbished market also includes fake devices and stolen devices. To confirm that you do not buy any model, always take the original bill of the phone along with all the necessary details including name, store, price. Buyers should also take the original box of the phone. Lastly, you should check the IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

fake phone

Many fake phones are also included in the refurbished market. To confirm that you are not buying a fake phone, always go to the phone’s settings menu and check the specification details to check the hardware. There are several apps, CPU-Z, that provide instant hardware details of the phone.

check return policy

Like the new model, refurbished phones also come with a return policy. Do not buy a refurbished phone that does not have a return policy. This is necessary as refurbished phones have had some issues in the past and there are chances that they might get damaged again in the future.

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