Cezanne Khan, Rajshree Thakur on Playing Single Parents in Appnapan: ‘It’s Not That Uncommon’-Newshubweek

Cezanne Khan, Rajshree Thakur on Playing Single Parents in Appnapan: ‘It’s Not That Uncommon’-Newshubweek
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Television actors Cezanne Khan and Rajshree Thakur have teamed up for the new TV show Appnapan Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan. The family drama being aired on Sony TV features Cezanne Khan as Nikhil, a Michelin star Chef staying in New York with his kids and sister. On the other hand, Rajshree portrays a middle-class mom who stays in Meerut with her kids and takes care of their needs. The actors talked to News18 about their roles in the TV show and how it explores the complexities between children and parents.

Speaking about his role in the show, Cezanne said, “My role is of a well-known chef who has achieved a lot in life. He is basically a provider for his kids and does everything possible to make them happy. He is making money and running after his career and he wants to stay with his kids but loses the connection with them because of his career.”

Rajshree said, “My character is a very strong woman, and also a strong mother. She does everything for the kids but at the same time, she doesn’t want her kids to take her for granted. She is a very strict and overprotective mom.

Appnapan is based on the idea of single parenting. We asked them their thoughts on the concept, Cezanne responded, “Single parenting is not so uncommon, we have seen single parents supporting children. Speaking of an example, I’ve been brought up by a single parent.”

Rajshree added, “Everyone has personal issues, we cannot generalise that. But the story is about a couple who have their own share of problems. They have their issues with their kids and the kids have a different set of problems with them. So, as a family how they are going to live with these problems, are they going to come together or are they going to give a second chance to their family for the sake of their kids or not, this is what forms the course of the serial.”

Cezanne marked his presence in the world of television with his role of Anurag Basu in the much-loved TV serial Kasauti Zindagii Kay. Post the show, Cezanne worked in a number of daily soaps including Piya Kay Ghar Jana Hai, Ek Ladki Anjaani Si and Seeta Aur Geeta, among many others. We asked the actor of the motivation behind playing all these roles to perfection.

Cezanne responded, “I’ve taken a break in between also, not on purpose. I’m very choosy about my roles because acting is like passion for me. It is something that I just want to do all my life.”

Speaking of what made him say yes to Appnapam, he said, “When this show came to me, I was really excited because the role is absolutely different from what I am. It is a challenging role I’m always fond of and I always wait for something challenging and that is what made me choose the role.”

Rajshree made a place in people’s hearts with her role as Saloni in ‘Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar’ and Preeti Jindal in ‘Shaadi Mubarak’. The actress took a break for a year post which she signed Appnapan. We asked the actress what made her opt for the show. The actress said, “Obviously, the story and the character. Later, I was very happy with my decision because I got to work with Cezanne Khan, But basically, it was the story and my character which really attracted me to the show.”

We asked the stars of the show and the impact it is going to make on society, and the actress said, “We are just going to tell our story. One show can’t bring about a revolution in society. People watching the show they will learn where they might have gone wrong in parenting, what effect does it have on the kid. Kids too, to some extent, will be able to understand, where they are considering their parents wrong. So, this balance is extremely important. We are not trying to make a change in society. The show deals with the complexities of relationships and how certain times it becomes difficult for single parents to deal with the emotional turmoil.”

The actors were asked about their thoughts on second chances given to a relationship. Rajshree said, “The story is not about a second relationship, but a second chance given to one relationship. Obviously, for the kids, if we are ready to correct our mistakes, then there is nothing better than that. People will have to watch the serial to know if we are going to give our relationship a second chance for the sake of our kids or not.”

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