Cabasse’s Rialto wireless speakers are a serious high-end soundbar alternative-Newshubweek

Cabasse Rialto speakers on a mantlepiece, with a picture of the Venice Rialto bridge in the background
Written by Arindam

Cabasses Rialto wireless speakers are a serious high end soundbar alternative Newshubweek

Not sure whether to plump for one of the best soundbars or go a little more traditional with a set of the best stereo speakers this holiday season? French loudspeaker company Cabasse has a lovely alternative option: a new pair of active standmounts with TV connectivity and built-in streaming smarts and TV connectivity. 

The product is called the Rialto, and in each one of the speaker pair Cabasse has put a 13cm coaxially-aligned midrange/tweeter unit, with each driver powered by a 300W amplification module. 

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