Business Plan Post Office Franchise Business With Small Investment You Will Get Good Income

Business Plan Post Office Franchise Business With Small Investment You Will Get Good Income
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New Business Idea: There was a time when only letters and goods were exchanged from the post office. But, with the changing times, there have been major changes in the way the post office works. Now the post office is offering many types of savings schemes and banking services to its customers. According to the post office figures, there are about 1.55 lakh post offices in the country. Despite having a large number of post offices, there is a lack of post office facilities in many areas of the country.

In such a situation, to overcome this problem, the Post Office has brought the Franchise Scheme. If you are planning to start a good earning business in the next few days, then you can take advantage of this franchise scheme of the Post Department. So let us tell you about some special things of this scheme-

Start this work with the help of post office franchise
Let us tell you that Indian Post Office gives you two types of Franchise Option. The first option is the beginning of the outlet and the second option is the post office agent. You can work as a postal agent in both urban and rural areas. Through this work, you can easily do the work of selling post office stamps and stationery. You can earn good money through this same post outlet.

To take a post office franchise, this eligibility has to be fulfilled-
You must be at least 18 years of age to take this franchise. Along with this, you should be at least 8th pass. For this franchise, you will have to spend at least Rs 5000 as security. After this, you get commission according to the work you do in the post office. You can earn good money through this business. If your work starts running then you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh in a month.

How to apply for Franchisee-
If you want to start a post office franchise business, then for this you have to visit the post office website. After this, you have to apply by downloading the form of RCO Franchise here. After this some application form will have to be selected by the post office. After that you will be able to start your own business.

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