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It might be pretty darn expensive, but there’s no chance that we’re removing the Mavix M9 from our list anytime soon. That cooling gel design makes it an incredible choice as summers continue to hit record temperatures, keeping your butt nice and chilled even on a hot day.

That being said, the M9 has been punted down a few places on this list due to its ludicrous price and the current spike in inflation. It’s a great chair, and if you’ve got the cash then go for it, but in these belt-tightening times you may prefer to opt for a more sensibly priced option, like the excellent Corsair T3 Rush.

Amazon Prime Day deals are very close now, so if you’re considering a new gaming chair, be ready to snap up a deal!

Christian Guyton, Computing Editor

When you’re looking for the best gaming chair, there are three things you need: style, functionality, and most importantly comfort. 

Whether you’re simply after a comfortable chair for work and play on your PC at home, or you’re going to be seated on your gaming throne for some serious Twitch streaming, there’s a gaming chair for everyone. We’ve found the chairs that will match up with the best gaming keyboards and best gaming mice out there, so your setup can look incredible.

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