Beijing loyalist John Lee news: China loyalist john lee becomes the new leader of hong kong

Beijing loyalist John Lee news: China loyalist john lee becomes the new leader of hong kong
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Beijing loyalist John Lee news: China loyalist john lee becomes the new leader of hong kong

Victoria: John Lee has been elected the new leader of the city in Hong Kong. John Li is one of the loyalists of China. He was also the security chief to oversee the crackdown on the pro-democracy movement. Hong Kong’s election committee elected John Lee as Hong Kong’s next chief executive in Sunday’s election. John Li’s victory is believed to be China’s way of maintaining its hold on the city.

The election committee consists of about 1,500 members, most of whom are pro-China. 64-year-old John Lee was the only candidate in the election and was voted by the majority of all 1,500 members of the committee, or more than 99 per cent. Lee will replace current leader Carrie Lam on July 1. In his winning speech, Lee said, “I look forward to seeing all of us start a new chapter together, creating a Hong Kong that cares for all, is free and vibrant, and a Hong Kong that is full of opportunities and opportunities.” There should be no lack of coordination.

In 2021, major changes were made to Hong Kong’s electoral laws to ensure that only “patriots” loyal to Beijing get command of the city. The legislature in Hong Kong was also reorganized to suppress the voice of the opposition. Lee received 1,416 votes in the election for the post of chief executive, much more than the 751 votes required to win.
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who is john lee
The leaders who came to Hong Kong so far were either associated with the business community. Or else he used to be associated with the civil service. But Lee’s background is related to law and order. Lee joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1977 at the age of 20. In the beginning of his career, he was engaged in catching criminals. Lee has two children. He held Hong Kong and UK citizenship until his appointment as Under Secretary for Security in 2012. But in 2012 he gave up his UK citizenship.

When he was made security secretary in 2019, he played his part in moving the unfortunate extradition bill. Even when there were demonstrations against this bill, they were supporting it and used to issue statements on behalf of the local administration on every issue. When Lee was the security chief, the police used water cannons, eye cannons, rubber bullets and sometimes original weapons on the protesters on a large scale.
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Show loyalty like a pet
John Lee is nicknamed Pikachu by his opponents, a character in the Pok√©mon cartoon. According to the BBC report, Li’s opponents say that he shows loyalty to Beijing like a pet. Ivan Choy, a senior lecturer at the Chinese University, said that in the absence of opposition, Li’s tenure was likely to be easier than that of Lam. The Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong also congratulated Li, saying the election was “held in a fair and orderly manner in accordance with law and order.” On Sunday morning, three members of the League of Social Democrats, a local activist group, called on Li. Demonstration demanding universal suffrage. He also protested against the election by trying to march towards the election site.

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