American Navy Seal Training Process: Us Navy Seal Training Hell Week How Does Navy Seal Got Trained

American Navy Seal Training Process: Us Navy Seal Training Hell Week How Does Navy Seal Got Trained
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American Navy Seal Training Process: Us Navy Seal Training Hell Week How Does Navy Seal Got Trained

Washington: The Navy Seal is considered to be America’s most dangerous force. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to become a Navy SEAL. The training of Navy SEALs is so dangerous that during this time even the lives of the soldiers are lost. On February 6, a Navy SEAL trainee died in the US, while one had to be hospitalized. Let us know how Navy SEALs are trained, and why it is called the toughest training.

Those participating in Navy SEAL training have to run hundreds of kilometers. Very little sleep is required. One has to sit holding heavy logs and lie in shallow water on the sand of the sea, where every wave causes irritation due to salt in the eyes. This training, which lasts for a week, is called Hell Week, in which about 75 percent of the soldiers give up and return. However, 24-year-old Yale grad Kyle Mullen died days after completing Hell Week, prompting questions about his continued oversight. Presently the investigation of this matter is going on.
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What happens in training
It is said on the website of Navy SEALs that this is a very difficult training lasting five and a half days. Its main purpose is to test the ability to endure pain and cold, teamwork, attitude and ability between less sleep and stress. Above all, it is a test of determination and will. In this training, a trainee has to walk about 320 kilometers. It has to run several times. Navy SEAL training consists of running 2.5 kilometers in 9 minutes. Sometimes you have to walk with a boat on top of your head. Along with swimming for long distances, hours of exercise are also required. Throughout the training, a trainee is drenched in water and shivering with cold. Medical candidates are also taught to treat in emergency. There, basic parachute training is also given.

The candidate has to eat 8000 calories, but during this time his weight does not increase due to rigorous training. Many of the exercises in Hell Week have been happening since the Second World War. According to a former Navy SEAL trainer, this training is so strict that there were 150 children in his class initially, but only 24 were left by the end of the training.
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play during training
There are also several games to compete during this training, including a 12-hour boat ride that gives the winning team a chance to sleep. In many cases, it has been seen that the hair of the candidate has fallen from the head after the boat is loaded on the head for a long distance. At the beginning of the training, he is given a white shirt, but upon completion of the training, he is given a brown shirt, which indicates that he has now become a Navy SEAL.

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