Aloe Vera Farming Cost Mathematics And Profit Know How To Start Aloe Vera Farming And Cultivation

Aloe Vera Farming Cost Mathematics And Profit Know How To Start Aloe Vera Farming And Cultivation
Written by Arindam
Aloe Vera Farming Cost Mathematics And Profit Know How To Start Aloe Vera Farming And Cultivation

Business Idea: Who does not know about Aloe Vera in today’s date. There is a great demand for products made from Aloe Vera in the market. It is most commonly used in cosmetics. At the same time, it is also used in herbal products and medicines.

This is the reason why Aloe Vera cultivation has now become a profitable deal. In such a situation, if you also want to start any of your work, then you can cultivate Aloe Vera. The demand for good aloe vera is also very high because companies are not able to get high quality goods. Therefore, if a person produces Aloe Vera according to the standards of the companies in the right way, then he can earn lakhs of rupees from it.

How to do farming?
Aloe vera does not require much water for cultivation. Its cultivation is more beneficial in dry areas. It cannot be cultivated on such land, in which water stagnates. Also, aloe vera cannot be cultivated in places where it is too cold.

It can be cultivated in sandy and loamy soils. While selecting the land, we should keep in mind that the land for its cultivation should be such that it should be at a slight height and there should be a complete system of drainage in the field.

When to plant?
Aloe vera can be planted anytime from February to August, but the right time to plant it is considered to be July-August. Before planting aloe vera plants, at least 20 tonnes of cow dung should be applied in one acre. At the same time, 3-4 months old tubers with four to five leaves are transplanted.
10,000 saplings can be planted in one acre. The number of plants to be planted depends on the type of soil and climate. Where the growth and spread of plants is more, more distance is kept between the plants and where the growth is less, the plant to plant distance and line to line distance is kept less.

printing method

Generally, the method adopted for transplanting plants, in which two lines are planted in one meter space and then one meter space is left blank. After this again two lines should be installed in one meter. The distance between the plants should be 40 cm and the line to line distance should be 45 cm. One irrigation should be done immediately after transplanting. After that, irrigation should be continued as per the requirement. Irrigation increases the amount of gel in the leaves.

How much will it cost?
According to the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), the cost of plantation in one hectare comes to about Rs 27,500. Whereas, by adding wages, field preparation, manure etc., this expenditure reaches Rs 50,000 in the first year. About 450 quintals of aloe vera leaves are available in the first year of cultivation in one hectare of aloe vera. The price of aloe vera leaves is Rs 2,000 per quintal. In this way 9,00,000 rupees are produced in a hectare in a year. The production of aloe vera increases in the second and third year and can reach up to 600 quintals.

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