Air Conditioner Effect On Health Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick

Air Conditioner Effect On Health Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick
Written by Arindam
Air Conditioner Effect On Health Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick

Air Conditioner Effects On Health: Air conditioner gives a sigh of relief in the summer season. To get relief from the scorching heat, we all want AC everywhere. And this wish is also being fulfilled. You get AC at every place of need like home, office, car, mall, metro etc. Some people say that AC spreads diseases, while some people say that AC helps a lot in keeping the heart healthy during the summer season. Now let’s see what is the truth from these two, AC makes sick or saves life…

Why is AC beneficial?

1. AC is beneficial for the body in many ways. Because in the summer season, it protects the body from damage due to very high temperature. If you run AC at controlled temperature i.e. between 23 to 26, then your body will get relief from heat and there will be no problem of dryness.

2. The AC condenses the hot air in the damper by pulling the hot air outside, then cool and clean air comes into the room. Very clean air because the AC filters the particles of dust and pollution present in the hot air outside. Due to this, clean air goes into the lungs through breathing and our body remains healthy.

3. Staying in the heat for a long time leads to the problem of dehydration, due to excessive sweating, there is also a lack of minerals in the body. But by keeping the AC running at the right temperature, then these problems can be avoided.

Does AC really harm?

1. AC does the most damage to the body when you set it at a very low temperature and stay in the AC for maximum time only. This leads to dryness as well as many other problems in the body.

2. In a research conducted at Yale University, it was revealed that AC is very helpful in keeping the heart healthy during the summer season. But at the same time you also have to take care of the maintenance of your AC. The filter present in your AC should be clean.

3. People who do not get their AC repaired on time or whose AC filter is not working properly, bacteria can grow in the dust and dirt accumulated in their AC. Which can harm the body by going into the lungs with air.

4. You may have a burning sensation in the throat, cold, flu-like symptoms or itching and burning in the eyes due to air pollution and bacteria from the AC. Whereas the health of asthma patients can get worse.

5. If AC is being maintained properly then it does not make you sick. But if you have been infected with some disease then AC can increase your infection rapidly. Because in a cold environment, the bacteria that spread the infection grow rapidly.

That is, overall, if the AC is used with proper maintenance and taking care of the important things, then the AC does not make you ill. But if you are careless, it can increase your disease. Therefore, taking care of the important things in summer, using AC is beneficial for health.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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