Ahmadiyya Muslim In Pakistan: Ahmadiya Community Man Murdered In Pakistan For His Faith

Ahmadiyya Muslim In Pakistan: Ahmadiya Community Man Murdered In Pakistan For His Faith
Written by Arindam

Lahore: A 35-year-old man belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya community was stabbed to death by a ‘radicalist’ in Pakistan because of his faith. This incident is from the Punjab province of the country. The police gave this information on Wednesday. In 1974, the Parliament of Pakistan declared the Ahmadiyya community as non-Muslim. A decade later, he was also barred from calling himself a Muslim. He is also banned from preaching and making religious pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia.

The latest incident took place on Tuesday in Okara district, which is about 130 km from here. Senior police officer Mohammad Siddiqui told PTI that Abdul Salam, a member of the minority Ahmadiyya community, was stabbed to death by ‘religious fundamentalist’ Hafeez Ali Raza because of his faith.

Accused absconding while raising religious slogans
The officer said, “When Salam was returning from his farm, Raza attacked him with a knife. Salaam died on the spot. There are marks of multiple stab wounds on his body. Raza ran away from the spot raising religious slogans.” A case has been registered against the suspect under sections of murder and terrorism. The official said that the alleged murderer is a student of a madrasa and he has no other reason but to kill Salam out of his faith. Salam’s uncle Zafar Iqbal told the police that Raza had killed his nephew out of religious hatred against Ahmadis. He said that his nephew had no enmity with anyone.

Tehreek Ek Lubback is a member of Pakistan accused
Iqbal said that Raza is a member of Islamist radical party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) which promotes religious hatred in the area. He said there was a feeling of insecurity among Ahmadiyya families living in Okara district after the incident. Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan’s spokesperson Salimuddin said on Twitter, “Attacks on Ahmadis are increasing continuously. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Ahmadis to perform even basic tasks such as running their own business or going to work. The government has no interest in curbing hate speech or apprehending the people behind this violence.”

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