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adnan sami weight loss diet chart: adnan sami’s weight loss transformation is unbelievable know what diet he follow
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Adnan Sami He is a famous singer, musician and pianist of Bollywood. Many of you must have seen and heard of it in those times when it used to be in the headlines due to its weight. In the initial days, Adnan’s weight was more than 200 kg. Due to which obesity had become his second identity. But after 2005 everything changed. Every time he appeared, he always lost his tremendous weight. (Weight loss)It took everyone by surprise. At some point Adnan’s weight of 220 kg is now only 65 kg.

Recently, Adnan shared a photo from his social media account while enjoying with his child in the swimming pool. After this, only Adnan’s transformation is being talked about everywhere. There is no doubt that Adnan’s tremendous transformation (Adnan weight loss transformation) There is a lot of inspiration for his fans. In an interview about his weight loss, he said that the work of losing weight is 80% psychological and only 20% physical. Adnan Sami has lost around 150 kgs in 16 months.

The doctor had given an ultimatum

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Adnan underwent surgery for lymphedema in the year 2005 and for this he had to take 3 months of bed rest. Due to obesity, the fat under his muscles started going on his lungs and he started having difficulty in breathing. It was a turning point in his life as doctors warned him that he would only live for 6 months if he did not lose weight.

How was Adnan’s weight loss journey

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With the overwhelming support of her family and friends and the guidance of a nutritionist in Houston, she began her weight loss journey. His nutritionist first took Adnan out of the clutches of emotional eating. Then prepared a low calorie diet chart and gave them.

Lose 10 kg every month from exercise


There was a time when Adnan could not touch the fat bottom. He could not go to the gym due to strain on his body which also caused him a heart attack. After recovery, Adnan started his weight loss journey. During this, after losing 40 kg, he was advised to walk on the treadmill and do light exercise. His trainer Prashant Sawant put him on strength training and cardio exercises 6 days a week. Every month Adnan lost around 10 kgs and now his weight is 65 kgs.

What were the things included in the diet chart

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The diet chart given to Adnan by his nutritionist did not include white rice, bread and junk food. They were advised to eat only salad, fish and boiled lentils. Was told to start the day with a cup of sugarless tea. For lunch, he eats veggie salad and some fish. His dinner consisted of plain boiled lentils or chicken without rice or roti. He could only eat diet fudge sticks and sugar-free drinks. Apart from this, they were allowed to eat dry homemade popcorn for breakfast.

Adnan gave the mantra to lose weight

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However, Adnan decided to lose weight when it was the only way for him to save his life. In such a situation, their weight loss journey is emotional along with hard working. Sharing the experience of his weight loss journey, he said that the work of reducing mass is 80% psychological and only 20% physical.

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