Aadhaar Card Types Know Different Types Of Aadhaar Card Issued By UIDAI

Aadhaar Card Types Know Different Types Of Aadhaar Card Issued By UIDAI
Written by Arindam
Aadhaar Card Types Know Different Types Of Aadhaar Card Issued By UIDAI

Different Types of Aadhaar Card: Aadhar card has become the most important document in today’s time. It is difficult to do any work without Aadhar card. Aadhaar card is different from the rest of the ID proofs because the biometric information of every citizen is recorded in it. To make this, fingerprints of every citizen and the retina of the eyes are scanned. In such a situation, it is very different from other ID proofs like Ration Card, PAN Card, Driving License etc.

Aadhar card is used for admission of children to school, college, opening bank account, during travel, hotel booking, buying property, investing in the market. In the Aadhar card, all the necessary information of every citizen like his name, photo, date of birth, address etc. is recorded. Aadhar card is issued by UIDAI.

Let us tell you that for the convenience of the citizens, many types of Aadhar cards are issued. Keep in mind that all these Aadhar cards have the same Unique Identification Number. So let’s know the types of Aadhar card and their special features-

1. Aadhaar letter
Aadhar letter is sent by UIDAI at the doorstep of all citizens. It is a thick Aadhar card in which all our information is recorded. UIDAI sends this Aadhar card to the home address after making Aadhar card without any fee. All the information of the Aadhar card holder is mentioned on this card.

2. mAadhaar Card
mAadhaar Mobile App is a mobile app through which the Aadhar card is kept safe in the form of soft copy. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. In this app, you can save Aadhaar by filling Aadhaar details. On doing any kind of update in Aadhar card, MAadhaar card gets updated automatically. It can be downloaded for free.

3. PVC Aadhar Card
PVC Aadhar card looks like a credit card. This Aadhar card is made by special order. This Aadhar card also has a digital QR code in which all your information is mentioned. You can order this card by visiting the official website of UIDAI by paying a fee of Rs 50. This card does not get wet even in rain water and it does not burst.

4. E-Aadhaar Card
E-Aadhaar is an electronic version of Aadhar card. This card also has a secure QR code, which you can scan and mention all the information. A password is required to open this card as it is secured with a password. UIDAI also issues Masked E-Aadhaar card to keep the Aadhar card secure. Only the last four numbers are mentioned in this card. With this, the data of your Aadhar card is not stolen.

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