22 Celebrity Encounters Marvel Actors

22 Celebrity Encounters Marvel Actors
Written by Arindam
22 Celebrity Encounters Marvel Actors

“Stan Lee was the embodiment of ‘the mind is willing even if the body isn’t,’ and I mean this with total respect. I saw him in 2015 at a Comic-Con, and the dude was as sharp as a tack (just imagine a super friendly grandpa — that was him). He clearly wanted to meet each and every single fan with sincere appreciation for all their support, but at the same time, he was in his 90s, and he clearly got tired easily. He had to take literal naps in between photo ops and signings, but he still kept them intentionally brief because he had more photos to take and stuff to sign. He was awesome — no doubt about it.”


“Stan Lee was my neighbor for a while, and he directly wrote me letters (which I now have framed on my wall). Stan Lee was the best celebrity I’ve ever met by far.”


“Stan was amazing — I met him once at a Comic-Con and got a couple of autographs. He was awesome, and actually took a minute to personally speak to everyone who came by. He was a real class act — a lot of other celebrities just smiled, signed autographs, and moved on, but not Stan.”


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